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Anti-Nickel Regulations

Anti-Nickel Regulations have stemmed from the problem of nickel itch, an allergic reaction to nickel metals and nickel finishes. Initially researched in Europe, approximately 10% of women and 1% of men are allergic to nickel due to over exposure to nickel (sensitized). When nickel is exposed to the skin as with watch battery covers or earrings, the skin becomes red and irritated, as well as developing an itch. To prevent the reaction, the European Community has adopted regulations to limit the use of nickel where is comes in contact with the skin or penetrates the body: Jewelry (Earrings, Bracelets, Chains, etc.), Watch Cases, Buttons, Zippers, Sewing Needles, Scissors, Writing Utensils. The maximum leaching allowed is 0.5 mg/(cm2 week).

Anti Nickel in YKK


We've been studying laws and regulations regarding Anti-Nickel and have been developing the products for this purpose. Please contact nearest YKK office for more information regarding Anti-Nickel and products availability.

We think it's our duty to ensure the safety to our valued customer.

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