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YKK Quality Management


Since the late of 1950, YKK has been building up the worldwide group network and running Good Quality Management System throughout the network. In 1997, we established the Quality Management Committee, called FGQMC (Fastening Global Quality Management Committee) to assure the quality of our products at global level and to satisfy our customer with safety and reliability on our products. FGQMC is responsible for study on world laws and regulation, test and monitor the quality level of the products, unification of product specification and other activities to assure product quality to our global business partners.


ISO 9000 /14000 Series acquisition

We have promoted acquisition of ISO 9000 Quality Certification and have already acquired in more than 30 group companies. We also acquired ISO 14000 series certification for six production bases



Basic Policy

In response to diversifying market demands, YKK Vietnam will provide safe and reliable products worthy of “YKK” brand to customers throughout the world, along YKK Group Quality Charter.


To this end, we will make proper use of our Quality Management Systems on a global basis and establish a group-wide Quality Assurance & Quality Control system for the whole life cycle of our products from maintaining consistency across planning, designing, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, logistics, as well as consumption to final disposal.


Further, to realize “Supreme Quality at Leanest Cost”, all individuals at YKK Vietnam is to possess customer’s viewpoint and professional consciousness with proactive creativity and speed to prevent quality-related problems, assuring further continual improvements.

Basic Activities

1. Customer perspective

 We will fulfill social responsibilities prioritizing safety & reliability by maximizing customer satisfaction.

2. Business cost perspective

 We will reduce business costs by embracing Quality Cost Management.

3. Preventive perspective

 We will prevent quality-related problems and its recurrence by effective PDCA cycle of Quality Management System.

4. Quality HR development perspective

 We will establish quality foundation by human resources development with systemized Quality education curriculum

2nd Apr, 2018



Basic Policy

Fastening Products Group will contribute to the making of sustainable society in accordance with the YKK group's environmental management policy by promoting Technology Oriented. Value Creation supported by our technics.


To satisfy environmental needs and to pursue business success, we will enhance our global environmental management system involving all employees , strive for rigorous environmental compliance contribute to society in coexistence with nature, realize low carbon society and minimize our environmental load.

Basic Activities

1. Enhanced Compliance

We will strive to improve environmental management as well as legal compliance to environment.

2. Provide and Propose Eco Friendly Products

We will contribute to society in coexistence with nature by providing and proposing eco friendly products to our customer.

3. Realize Low Carbon Society

We will promote reduction of carbon footprint by improving total energy efficiency with promotion of high efficient manufacturing operation.

4. Contribute to building Sustainable Society

We will contribute to eco-friendly manufacturing with appropriate management of chemical substances and by making use of resources with the integrity of diverse ecosystems in mind.

2nd Apr, 2018

ISO 27001 Policy


We will protect the customers' and our assets appropriately as the operational resources from all threats such as negligence, accidents, natural disasters, crimes, etc.


In the case where an event occurs regarding to information security, we will investigate the cause and take immediate actions to minimize the impacts.


We will clarify business requirements on laws and regulations, and contractual obligations relating to information security, and undertake the education and training for employees (including executives, part-time employees, part-time workers, and temporary staffs) to observe.


If we endangered the customers' and our assets intentionally, disciplinary and/or legal actions shall be taken.


We will make effort to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in consideration of importance of the information assets.

Studying World Laws and Regulations


As one of important FGQMC's policies, we've been studying on the world laws and regulations and swiftly coping with the request from the customer regarding those world regulations.


Anti-Nickel Regulations


Zipper Testing Methods

There are various methods to evaluate zipper strength. We collect the zipper samples from our regional manufacturing base and check the quality level of the products regularly. Following are the most common testing strength and testing methods.


Chain crosswise strength

Slider tab pull off strength

Slider tab twisting strength


*YKK ZIPPERS meets UK Standards of Durability and also passes the JIS -S3015 strength tests. (JIS: Japanese Industrial Standard)

Zipper Testing Methods

Hook & Loop test method

Plastic Parts test method

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